Thursday, May 8, 2014


So as you know, my legal name is Charlotte, but everybody calls me Lottie. I live in Stockholm with my mother, my father and our dog, Brownie. I just turned twenty this February so now I finally feel like a grown up (except here in America!).
At EF I expect to evolve and most importantly become more confident when using the English language. This is also my long term goal!
In Sweden, and even here, I often recieve compliments for my accent and vocabulary, I have even been mistaken for a native speaker a number of times. This is immensely flattering of course, but unfortunately this is not the case when I am surrounded by authorities. If I am, I get nervous and I stumble on my words because I overthink everything, trying to speak perfectly. This is something I want to get rid of! The same thing goes for writing. If my Swedish teacher is correcting my English paper I don't get nervous at all, I mean, this is her second language too! But if a native speaker does it, I get embarrassed for some (stupid) reason.

It would be cool to be able to say that I've been to every continent. The dream would be to have a job where you could travel around the world, or have the free time to do it on your own. It would also be really cool to learn French, I've always wanted to! Yet I always chose Spanish in school...
My family and I have been to London once a year since the year I was born. I love big cities and hope to be able to keep visiting London just as often in the future.
My ideal future also includes at least a year living in Paris, a year in New York and then maybe a year in Hong Kong as well.

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